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good morning, america. breaking right now. olympic hero, oscar pistorius, weeps as a judge ruled he will be charged with the premeditated murder of his model girlfriend. lawyers say he put on his legs and walked 21 feet to shoot her through the bathroom door. her funeral taking place in south africa. blazen robbery raid. one of the biggest diamond heists of all-time, pulled off on this tarmac. eight masked men cutting through a security fence, hijacking and plane and stealing gems. alec baldwin, on his latest rant against photographers. this time, accused of using a racial slur. right now, the new york police department is investigating the
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tirade as a hate crime. and princess kate, stepping out in her first public appearance since december, revealing her baby bump. and ready to get back to being a very public royal. and good morning, america. we are in final countdown mode right now. there it is, one day. and robin is right back here at this anchor desk. just in 24 hours. we're going to hear from her this morning about how she's feeling. fair to say, a little bit nervous. >> indeed. >> great for her to be coming, though. >> it will be a big party tomorrow. also, we're waking up to the latest on a big what the chinese army is up to right now, apparently all happening in that building in shanghai. are they hacking our banks? and could it affect your money? both the white house and the
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chinese government are responding this morning. also coming up, michelle obama opening up for the first time about why she really got those bangs. why she says the move was more than just about a hairstyle. they were about a mid life crisis. >> all right. all of that to get to and more. let's get to the latest on oscar pistorius, becoming very emotional in court this morning. the double-amputee olympic sprinter charged in the murder of his model girlfriend. bazi kanani is in south africa, with the breaking details for us. bazi? >> reporter: good morning, amy. an emotional scene inside the court just a couple of hours ago, when the judge ruled this will proceed as a premeditated murder case, the most serious of charges. oscar pistorius' family started crying because this means it's much less likely he'll be granted bail. and if he's found guilty, it would mean a life sentence.
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the 26-year-old double-amputee nicknamed the blade runner, represent, head in hand, as the prosecutor said he shot and killed an innocent, unarmed woman. the state outlined its case against pistorius. they believe he got out of bed, put on his prosthetic legs and walked 21 feet to a locked bathroom door. inside that bathroom, 29-year-old cover model reeva steenkamp, was shot three times. prosecutor harry nell, quote, she locked the door for a purpose. we will get to that purpose. defense attorneys say pistorius thought a burglar was inside the bathroom. and the state has no way to prove otherwise. a lawyer for the defense submitting, this is not a murder. but prosecutors question how pistorius could have been surprised when they found steenkamp was staying at the house. she arrived before 6:00 p.m. and her overnight bag was there. as this star athlete battled murder charges in a pretoria courtroom, reeva steenkamp's remains were driven to a church
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in her hometown of port elizabeth, where family and friends gathered. >> reporter: exactly why steenkamp was shot to death is still a mystery. several news reports quoting police sources say a cricket bat covered with blood was recovered from pistorius' bedroom, possibly used in an argument before the shooting. and that steroids were found in pistorius' home. and investigators are testing his blood for the drug that can cause aggressive roid rage. now, even if pistorius is granted bail today, he won't be able to do the thing he loves most. all of his future races have been canceled. and yesterday, one of his major sponsors, nike, says they won't use him in any future campaigns. let's get more from "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams.
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very, very difficult now to imagine bail. >> that's right. big loss for him because what he was trying to demonstrate is that there shouldn't be premeditation. as a result, it should be the prosecution that has the burden to demonstration he ought to be forced to stay behind bars. because the court is ruling that there does seem to be premeditation or at least there's enough evidence to move forward with premeditation, now he has the burden to demonstrate why he should be released. and that is a much, much harder case to make. that's why his family is so upset in that courtroom. >> one of the things his lawyers are trying to demonstrate, is that he brought reeva downstairs and tried to revive her. that this wasn't premeditation. >> they can demonstrate premeditation and then regret. that's what happens in that courtroom. it's what's leading up to the event that becomes important in making that determination. >> and important also to note that this is not going to be a trial determined by a jury.
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>> south africa's long history of racism involved these white juries convicted black defendants. as a result, they eliminated the jury system here. this will be a judge and effectively two magistrates. three people, professionals, making the determination, long-term, about guilt or innocence. >> no death penalty in south africa. >> many regards to its long history of racism and racial tension in that country. >> okay. dan abram, thank you very much. let's get the rest of the morning headlines from josh. >> we're going to begin with a rare and dangerous look inside a war zone like none other. an estimated 70,000 people have been killed in syria's civil war. the war threatens to open a pandora's box of conflict from neighboring israel, to lebanon and turkey and iraq. terry moran has been able to reach damascus, where some of the intense fighting is
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happening right now. >> reporter: by day, this ancient city almost looks normal. but it's not. we've heard artillery fire all day long. and these shops are empty. there's no tourism. international sanctions are strangling businesses. and there is no end to this war in sight. josh? >> terry, thank you. and he'll be taking an inside look at the battle for damascus and what it means for u.s. international security tonight on "world news" and "nightline." meanwhile, back here at home, new details about a potential motive in the newtown, connecticut, school shooting. adam lanza may have been competing with another serial killer. "the hartford courant" newspaper found articles about the killing spree in norway, who bombed buildings at a youth camp, killing 77 people. the investigation is still
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ongoing. any theory is still specktive. and new information on what left the carnival cruise ship stranded in the gulf of mexico last week. the coast guard now blames a leak in a pipeline that connects a fuel tank to one of the ship's engines. investigators say oil dripped on a hot surface and caught fire. in business news. a potential megamerger. office max and office depot, are talking about a merger. struggle to compete against staples and other big retailers, like costco. and finally, talk about the most remarkable special delivery. the odds are 1 in 70 million. a woman in texas has given birth to two sets of identical twins on the same day, with no fertility drugs or in vitro
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fertilization. the four boys grew in pairs, within two separate placentas. mom had a complication-free cesarean on valentine's day, no less. mom and dad say, they were just trying to give their son a little sister. they now have a basketball team. and that is un -- it's unbelievable. >> they should play the lottery, for sure. >> i want to know what they mean by complication-free. i mean, they are -- >> when she brings both sets -- they're not quadruplets. >> they're not quadruplets. and there was no drugs involved. just happened. >> that is fantastic. we're going to turn to two, big stories out of washington. starting with the new report that ties the chinese government to dozens of serious cyber attacks on u.s. banks, government agencies and other critical industries. it traces the attacks to this white house office tower in shanghai, which is the
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headquarters of a chinese army unit. and pierre, the chinese are denying any connection. but the scale of both attacks is substantial. >> reporter: yes, they are. a private security company is accusing the chinese military of hacking u.s. companies and government agencies. the security firm has identified 141 attacks, tracing them back to this building in shanghai. among the u.s. companies allegedly hit, coca-cola. the hackers are accused of combing lu coca-cola company files to gain leverage, when coca-cola was trying to buy a chinese juice company. u.s. officials have been increasingly concerned that such massive attacks coming from china are having devastating consequences on the u.s. economy. in short, u.s. investigators are accused china of economic espionage, of stealing research and design. this allows them to compete without stealing billions on innovation and product development. if this is true, americans should care because it's costing them countless jobs. they are calling this the
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biggest transfer of wealth in history. >> we saw one of a cyber pearl harbor. and the white house is preparing to take action. >> reporter: this week, they are announcing plans to help private companies in identifying and mitigating such attacks, george. we're going to go to the white house, where president obama will appear later this morning, to warn against the next budget crisis that's coming fast. automatic spending cuts to hit every government program in just ten days. abc's jon karl has more on what we expect to hear from the president. good morning, jon. he's going to ratchet up the pressure on congress. >> reporter: he sure is. he's trying to shame congress to do something to replace the cuts. and this morning, the president will be surrounded by emergency workers, firefighters, emts and others. to say if the cuts go into effect in ten days, fema will be forced to cut grants to local and state governments for emergency workers and firefighters and other emergency workers will see their jobs on the line. the biggest picture, george,
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he'll warn that these cuts go into effect, it will hurt the economy at charge. and that means hundreds of thousands of middle-class jobs potentially at risk. >> and the president says he is willing to negotiate a deal that would include some spending cuts and revenue increases. but the chance of these happening and the chances of across-the-board cuts are dwindling to almost zero, right? >> reporter: the cuts are almost certainly to go into effect. republicans said no tax increases. and they're not negotiating right now. congress is in recess for the next week. >> and another big one coming at the end of the month, when the whole government runs out of money. jon karl, thanks very much. we have more money talk, george. a big headline for america's largest retailer. apparently trouble for walmart revealed in leaked e-mails between executives that paints a dark picture of sales there right now. is there a signal of bigger problems for the american economy. our newest correspondent, abc's
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linzie janis, welcome back. >> reporter: thank you very much. any shopper there, considered a real important barometer for the health of the u.s. economy. and the e-mails have sparked concerns on wall street about the strength of the recovery. it's the retail giant known nationwide for low prices and loyal shoppers. but in a series of e-mails obtained by bloomberg, one walmart senior executive recently asked, where are all the customers? and where's their money? in another leaked message, the walt vice president writes, february sales are a total disaster. the worst start to a month i have seen in my seven years with the company. sources say the conversation is not representative of the company's sales nationwide. but experts say they do point to a growing concern about the economy. what one executive calls a one-two punch. the 2% hike in payroll taxes and a delay in tax refunds. >> it shows they were panicking
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in early february with the pace of sales. it's a concern of what's going on in the economy and households. obviously, a bit of a cash squeeze. >> reporter: other companies have pointed to gridlock in washington as being a drag on the economy. and ceos from foot locker and target have also pointed to the payroll tax increase as one reason why consumers are being cautious. experts say just that 2% extra paid in taxes, means a family making $40,000, will have $800 less in their pockets this year. the equivalent of 16 bags of groceries or 80 packs of diapers from the average retailers. walmart released a statement saying the leaked e-mails are out of context. and analysts say it's too soon to tell if americans are spending less. and gas prices spiked 51 cents a gallon in the last two months. >> that's painful. we're going to turn, now, to the massive diamond heist that appears to be one of the biggest of all-time, straight out of a
7:15 am
hollywood thriller. brazen and in broad daylight. masked men take $10 million in diamonds off an airplane. >> reporter: forget about the space rocks that have the folks in russia scrambling after last week's dramatic meteor crash. the most sought-after rocks are not from the heavens. but from a heist. >> i need you to suit up. >> reporter: it sounds like a scene ripped straight from a hollywood heist movie. >> good plan. how did you figure it out? >> reporter: overnight, eight masked and armed men, breaking on to the tarmac at brussels airport, ambushing this swiss plane, just loaded with tens of millions of dollars worth of diamonds. according to belgian tv reports, the brazen thieves cut a hole through this security fence and drove on to the tarmac, making off with more than $50 million worth of rough diamonds in just a matter of minutes. officials are now saying this could be one of the biggest diamond heists of all-time.
7:16 am
back in november, these bold leather-clad burglars road motorcycles into this london mall, a stunning smash and grab caught on camera. >> it's really scary. we have some young girls that work for us. >> reporter: the six robbers made off with hundreds in thousands in diamond-crusted cartier and rolex watches. but this morning, belgian authorities are hot on the trail of the eight men who left this burned-out getaway van behind, getting away with the hottest stones in the world. >> hot stones, indeed. an all-out search for the thieves is under way. officials are reporting that the thieves may have passed themselves off as police officers. but no shots were actually fired during the incident. ironically enough, air transport is generally considered to be the safest way to ship this kind of small but obviously very pricey cargo. >> it was the safest way. >> right. >> rob, thanks very much. >
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>> i think i've seen that movie, rob. here we go. i'd say one day. but that's not true. it's less than one day. hours now, until robin comes back, right where she belongs, right here at the anchor desk with all of us. we've talked about how we missed her. we had brunch with robin to talk about how she feels about her return. take a look. >> i remember when the doctor first told me, you're going to be out, you know, five to six months. screaming. you know, you have to do what you need to do. and it just shows people that time passes. this, too, shall pass. and it's about, i have visualized this moment. i did visual idized the other e of it. >> visualization? >> visualization, big-time. and something like this. looking into sam's blue eyes. i love how we're sitting and how we would be sitting. but i know when i sit back down, right in this chair and look over to you. and i see you. and i see you.
7:18 am
it's going to be all is right in the world. ♪ i'm on top of the world i'm on top of the world ♪ >> you know, you mentioned it, george. she's going to be feeling nerves a little bit. it's going to be a double-alarm day for her, tomorrow morning. >> we're going to see her. and, amy, we want to thank you. you and elizabeth. a great job you've all done. >> it's been our honor. i can speak for elizabeth, too. they were big shoes to fill and a seat to fill. but we kept it warm. and we can't wait to have her back here. >> thank you very much. let's get the latest from sam. >> these are great days. great days coming. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to talk about. how about winter storm warnings already out from flagstaff to tucson. a big western storm. maybe the coldest of the season so far. cold, wet air. snow levels in the west are going to go down to 2,000, 2,500 feet. watch this thing. as it pulls into the desert, it's been a dry year in the desert.
7:19 am
this is needed moisture. there will be a lot of flash flooding. if you're in the west, stay up with your local abc stations. this is a powerful punch. this will be a snowmaker, maybe blizzard from omaha, to des moines, by thursday, in the middle of the country. and a lot of severe storms, as well. this is the low to follow for several days across the country. we'll do that for you. i'm lynette charles.
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we have mix in western maryland. could get as far as fed rick and carroll county. rain in to 11:00, lunchtime, that will linger 3:00, we are coming in above average, on the become side, we will get blustery this afternoon, evening, wednesday and thursday. >> as we look east, it's about 48. it's kind of mild in new york. later on, you'll probably see showers moving into the northeast. >> we like mild. >> that's great. coming up, alec baldwin under fire right now for a tirade against a reporter and a photographer. abc news is learning that the new york police department is investigating his rant as a hate crime. plus, we'll have the latest on country singer mindy mccready. did the time in rehab actually hurt her recovery? and michelle obama reveals
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emergency roadside assistance. just a click away with the geico mobile app. one person is dead, two others hurt after a shooting. it happened in middle river, before midnight. all three people were rushed to the bay view medical center. a person died from injuries. police don't have suspects in this case. we will get a check on the weather as you are heading out
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the door. things could be changing. here is lynette charles. let's start you out, see what is going on, bel air, we are starting to see the clouds move in to the picture this morning. we started off with a clear sky. things are changing. temperaturewise, in bel air, 35 degrees, as of now. as we go throughout the day. temperatures will continue to be above average. let's switch to the graphics, this is through time. a lot of changes in the forecast. the most powerful radar, shows the rain towards the west, a little bit of a mix. this progresses towards the east. we will see more rain showers in the forecast. grab the rain gear before you head out and about. rain hasn't started yet. this morning, it will affect your commute. we have our fair share of problems, a crash on 95, blocking the southbound shoulder at route 543, 95 jammed in white marsh in the
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beltway, dundalk, eastern avenue, 48th street. 695, a live look at the congestion in packville. outer loop from harford to providence. 83 hunt valley. no problems from shawan to the beltway.
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check out julian neumann. he's only 11 years old. but watch this right here. dribbles, runs circles around players much taller and older than him. he plays for the high school varsity. he's here this morning, live, right here. cannot wait to talk to him. >> what a superstar. >> looking forward to that. also ahead, alec baldwin is making headlines right now for his fight with photographers. and why the new york police department is investigating a tirade as a hate crime this morning. the very latest on country singer mindy mccready. did her time in very public rehab hurt her recovery? we're going to look at the reality show she went on as she tries to get better.
7:31 am
we have brand-new pictures of princess kate. the world's most famous mom-to-be, revealing that bump. >> it's a tiny baby bump. >> as she returns to the work of being a royal. and how does her maternity style contrast to diana's? we'll have that for you. >> can't wait for that. we're going to begin with alec baldwin's latest run-in with the press. "the new york post" says he threatened a reporter and yelled a racial slur at a photographer. and linsey davis is here with the details. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, george. this has escalated quickly. nypd sources have confirmed to abc news, that an investigation was launched yesterday by the nypd hate crimes tastask force, that alec baldwin was involved in a hate crime. the outcome of that investigation is bending. but baldwin used the allegations that he used racial slurs, a new
7:32 am
low. alec baldwin, known for his antics as well as his acting prowess, this morning, making headlines and enemies with a narc tabloid. but this time, the star of "30 rock," isn't just accused of having a bad temper. "the new york post" is accusing him of using racial slurs against a "post" photographer. and it's creating a media circus around him, again. >> don't push me, please. >> reporter: it started sunday morning, in this moment, captured by a photographer. reportedly baldwin was approached by a reporter and asked to comment about a lawsuit against his pregnant wife, hilar hilaria. but "the post" reporter said the actor grew agitated, saying i want to choke you to death. the photographer says baldwin not only bumped him in the chest, but used racial slurs and called him a drug dealer. >> we've heard some outrageous things come out of alec
7:33 am
baldwin's mouth in the past. we're so used to him acting out this way. >> reporter: when asked if he made the racial slur by tmz on monday, baldwin simply smiled. but he did tweet this message, saying, that's kind of magical thinking, isn't it "the post" accusing me of racism. and on monday, he told gothamist, i don't know if i uttered a racial epithet to someone in my life. this isn't the first time that push has come to shove between baldwin and a photographer. but this time, baldwin and the photographer filed police reports, with baldwin claiming the photographer was acting aggressively, getting into his face and banging into him with his shoulder. >> i'm pretty confident that there's a measure of provocation on the part of "the new york post." but he's got to develop a thicker skin. >> reporter: baldwin's wife was quick to defend her husband on twitter. shame on anyone, who says my husband is a racist. she tweeted that due to the
7:34 am
paparazzi situation, i will not be teaching yoga classes this week. since the incident, baldwin seems to have removed a tweet he posted, referencing the photographer as an excrack head. now, to the latest on mindy mccready. the country music star dead after an apparent suicide. and the 37-year-old was the fifth participant from the tv series "celebrity rehab" to die. did her very public attempt at recovery hurt her chances to get getter? gio benitez is here with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. the host of that show, dr. drew pinsky, speaking publicly about mccready for the first time, as we learn more about her final days. and this morning, we have what may be mccready's last song. the song is called "i'll see you yesterday," posted by a friend on youtube. mccready was reportedly working on it in the days before her
7:35 am
death on sunday. ♪ i'll see you yesterday i'll see you in my dreams ♪ >> reporter: overnight, appearing on hln's "dr. drew show," mccready's friend played this recorded phone call of the country star in crisis. apparently talking about her boyfriend's death, just weeks ago. >> it was the cruelest. most awful situation. i've ever seen. >> reporter: dr. drew pinsky, who worked with mccready on "celebrity rehab" she had just returned to treatment. >> a lot of my conversation with her was how to keep it confidential. and lo and behold, the press got out with it and attacked her. she left. she's dead because of it. >> reporter: this morning, many are asking how another star who had sought help so publicly, could once again lose her battle. mccready is the fifth cast
7:36 am
member from "celebrity rehab" to die. most died after suffering relapses. leading some to wonder if treatment played out on television does more harm than good. >> rehabation from addiction. that's a lifelong process. that doesn't end when the cameras stop rolling. that can make it harder for an individual going through whatever it is in the public eye. >> reporter: actress and singer mackenzie phillips knows how tough it is. she was mccready's co-star on "celebrity rehab." monday, she spoke to tmz. >> she was my friend. she was a really good person. she was incredibly talented. and i loved her very much. >> reporter: we asked dr. drew to comment on whether it's more difficult for celebrities to undergo rehab in the public eye. but he did not respond. it's wort noting how difficult recovery can be in or out of the spotlight. >> i think of her poor kids. time, now, for the weather and sam champion. sam, good morning. >> we're going to start with
7:37 am
pictures of north dakota, minnesota. blizzard conditions yesterday. some places got up to ten inches of snow in northern minnesota. look at the video, before we show you who gets snow for the rest of the day today. difficult driving conditions. you expect this kind of thing north. grand rapids, cleveland, buffalo, you're getting hit by this next mover. three to six inches of snow. and six to ten, once you get in the snowbelt around those lakes. the western snow system moving in. heavy rain, big, mountain snow, moves into the deserts. by the time we get into thursday, we have a line of what will be cold, wet weather above it and severe storms to the south. this is a big player across the country. we need to follow it every step of the way. today, nice and sunny and
7:38 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by burger king. we'll look at america's weather in the next half hour. >> okay, sam. and coming up,y michelle obama revealing what was really behind those bangs. see the secret handshake right there. she said it was her mid life crisis. and a victoria's secret unsensored. revealing how she feels about her looks. her message, creating shock waves right now. wednesday, robin day. we have a lot of messages coming from all over the place. here's one from espn's stuart scott. >> robin roberts, you inspire me every, single day. you know i understand the fight. you're my hero. i got love for you. welcome back. ♪ i'm on top of the world i gave birth to my daughter on may 18th,
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[ cheers and applause ] great crowd outside. and inside. 10:41 here, with first lady michelle obama's bangs. she has now revealed, for the first time, the reasons behind her new look. and paula faris is here with the story. hi, paula. >> we care about hair here. many people loving the first lady's locks. and michelle obama revealing the
7:43 am
reason behind those bangs, a mid life crisis. and jokes that if she truly had her way, she may have done something more extreme. the big bang theory was the talk of the inauguration. even president obama gave a loving shoutout. >> to address, the most significant event of this weekend, i love her bangs. she looks good. >> reporter: now, for the first time, michelle obama is opening up about why she has the hairstyle heard around the world. telling rachael ray that the bangs weren't just a simple fashion choice. >> this is my midlife crisis. okay? i couldn't get a sports car. they wouldn't let me bungee jump. >> so, you went for the bangs. you're the boss of your hair. >> i can do this. this is all-mine. >> reporter: mrs. obama debuted the bangs on her 49th birthday, the few days before the inauguration. and she chose to reveal the new look in a new way, on her
7:44 am
twitter account. >> what's the response been since you're on twitter? do you get the peanut gallery weighing in on everything now? >> you know, i get sort of regular feedback. sometimes i get people who tease, who have questions. i mean, mostly, we get a lot of questions. good questions. so, it's always good to connect. and it's a good way to send an important and encouraging messages. the bangs, entered through my twitter account. and i tell people that the bangs -- i'm going to be 50 next year. okay? >> you look gorgeous. it's all the apples. >> reporter: now, the full interview can be seen wednesday. of course, she's a trend-setter in fashion. but not trying to be the first lady of controversy. but i think she should go for the sports car. >> why not? and coming up here, princess kate heads back to work. the most famous mom-to-be revealing her miniature baby bump. and how her maternity fashion compares to diana's.
7:45 am
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7:49 am
right then, here's "the play of the day." >> this is not exactly true. he's actually the player of the day. i want you to meet 11-year-old julian newman. >> yeah. >> he's in the fifth grade. as you can see, he stands a robust 4'5". he's also the star point guard -- i said fifth grader, 4.5", on his high school varsity team. >> there you go. >> plays against teenagers. good enough to join us today. some of them, literally, two feet taller. he's here with his father. videos have gone viral. let's have him playing while we're talking. how good was he at the age of 2
7:50 am
and 3 and 4 years old? >> when he was 3 weeks, already, he had talent. he was better than the 5 and 6-year-olds when he was 3. it's a normal progression where he is today. >> you play against guys my size. do you care? does it ever worry you when you're on the court? >> no. >> when they told you, you were going to play on the high school team, it was something you wanted to do. >> yeah. >> it's not just your handle. you can shoot for threes? >> yeah. >> you want to go to the nba and be like chris paul. >> yes. >> your sister's just as good over here, jaden. get out here. let's go. show us a little handle. come on. a little handle. by the way, jaden is a great player, too. right? here we go. show me something. what have you got? >> nice. come on.
7:51 am
>> that's amazing. julian, thank you, my friend. remember us. >> you can make one. still to come here, one of the finalists, and robin, this is for you. >> we miss you, robin. i love you. >> it's so great to have you back. >> it will be great to have the heart and soul of "gma" coming back home. >> robin, welcome back, my darling. ♪ i'm on top of the world transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. maybe even a little better. visit your eyecare professional today to ask about our newest lenses, transitions vantage and transitions xtractive lenses. experience life well lit. ask which transitions adaptive lens is best for you.
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we expect to hear from police commissioner about the future of the training academy after a trainee was shot in the head last week. the victim has been upgraded from graff to cease condition. jury selection starts for the trial of a tamer accused of shooting a classmate at perry hall high school. gladden faces 29 charges including attempted murder. we are watching the storm getting closer to us. see how large the snow is. cold air moving in to the yeah
7:57 am
as well. we can zoom in, see what going on as temperatures will be at 49 as we work through the afternoon, before then we are going to ton breezy, very blustery in to the afternoon as well. tonight we are be cold and blustery with the temperature coming in 30 degrees. by too many, as the cold front moves through, a high of 38 degrees, seeing the cold teeratures linger, as we go in to thursday and friday with the next shot of wintery weather in the forecast. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. we are dealing with delays on 95, due to an earlier crash along the southbound lanes, 543. traffic will be moving slowly all the way down to route 43, white marsh. a crash on eastern avenue, 48th street, jfx is going to be jammed traveling southbound, now at the beltway, speeds at 28 miles per hour. here is a look at 695,
7:58 am
parkville. 8 minutes to 83. more congestion on the west side at baltimore national pike.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ i'm on top of the world i'm on top of the world ♪ and good morning, america. good morning to robin. we cannot wait, robin. we know you're home, waiting to come in. one more day. less than 24 hours now, before robin is back right here. and we have our bracelets on. life, love, power and presence. we've been wearing these for six months. they're wearing them in the control room, too. >> take a look. everybody on the floor. very nice. everybody counting down to our hall of famer. and look, from manchester, new hampshire, the 50 states and
8:01 am
beyond. george is right. let's be honest. now, hours away. hours and hours. she gets here. actually, some very special friends of hers, sending love to robin. take a look. >> welcome back, robin. >> god bless you. and hope and pray for a speedy recovery. love you so much. >> i want to give you all my love. and best wishes on a speedy recovery. >> it will be great to see you every day. ♪ i'm on top of the world i'm on top of the world ♪ coming up on "gma," we also have some brand-new pictures of princess kate. she's out in her first public appearance in months. the world's most famous mom-to-be revealing her baby bump. you have to look real closely to see it. we're going to take a look at how her maternity style contrasts to diana's.
8:02 am
right? and then, a victoria's secret model, uncensored, revealing how she really feels about her look, in a dramatic speech. her message creating shockwaves on the internet. and everybody's talking about it. >> speaking of shockwaves, have you been checking out this season's "bachelor"? one of the final ists dishing all, behind the scenes. is she falling for sean? first, some news from josh. >> we're going to begin with developments in the murder case against south african track star oscar pistorius. at the bail hearing this morning, pistorius says he thought his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, was still in bed, when he fired his gun at the bathroom door at the person he thought was an intruder. as for the bloody cricket bat in his house, pistorius said he used the bat to break down the door.
8:03 am
and he found steenkamp still alive when he got inside the bathroom. during a bail hearing, pistorius said, tried to revive her. but she died in his arms. the judge has ruled this will proceed as a premeditated murder case. meaning pistorius will face life in prison if convicted. new evidence that china is behind the recent cyber attacks on american banks and u.s. agencies. a firm says it has traced the attacks to the building you see here in shanghai, the headquarters of a chinese army unit. breaking overnight, one of the largest diamond heists ever. armed robbers posing as police officers crashed through the security fence at the airport in brussels, belgium and snatched some $50 million in diamonds from the cargo hold of a passenger jet. swiss police found the burned-out van nearby.
8:04 am
but no trace of the robbers. and president obama, hoping to prevent spending cuts from taking effect next month. the president urging republicans to compromise, saying if the spending cuts into effect, hundreds of thousands of jobs could be lost, including firefighters and emergency management personnel. washington insiders alan simpson and erskine bowles are expected to release a comprehensive plan to rewrite the tax code. and flying high in the french alps. and we're not talking skiing. we're talking stunt driving. a stunt driver, in a souped-up mini cooper, going up on a ramp. 40 feet in the air. nails the backflip. the first-ever backflip in a car. >> how do you know? >> it took years, four of them.
8:05 am
>> practice is rough on the cars. >> four years. >> and on the driver, i would think. >> i guess -- in the snow, that's a little odd. i'm not going to lie to you. >> skiing is fun. >> yeah. >> it just make it more complicated. maybe it's adding complications. >> speaking of -- >> i hope not to have any complications in "pop news." keep it easy. and we have a surprise from the man who prefers to be shirtless. matthew mcconaughey has completed a men's collection, complete with loads of shirts. his initial inspiration was to design clothes that can take a man, these are his words, from the jungle to the opera. isn't that what you -- that's what you want. >> cammo tux. >> you're wearing it now. >> i'm wearing one now. yeah.
8:06 am
>> i love you, matthew. >> don't make fun. >> from the jungle to the opera. it's called jkl, after his charity. >> just keep living. >> it helps kids keep living active lives through education. and if all fails, go to that charity. >> which is awesome. that is great. here's what happens when you let sting do karaoke at your favorite night spot, he steals the show. here he is, at a malibu cafe, singing a surprise performance of "she drives me crazy," by the fine young cannibals. ♪ she drives me crazy >> that's awesome. >> yeah, it is. >> that's a surprise when you go out for a light bite. >> a light bite. >> you're jealous. >> i'm jealous. i want that microphone. i want it now. >> we can buy you one. >> i'm kidding. sting drives me crazy. the restaurant owned by
8:07 am
cindy crawford's husband, randy gerber, with tequila, which gerber launched with george clooney. and fergie and her husband, josh duhamel, announced on twitter, they are expecting a baby. two of the nicest folks we know. they superimposed their childhood photos together, so we get an idea of what their little one might look like or might not. >> the baby's going to be pretty cute. >> i would imagine those are good genes. and i love that fergie hash tagged my lovely baby bump. >> a play on a lyric from one of her more popular songs, that amy might sing for us later. are you going to sing about your lady -- >> no. >> bumps? we're going to move on, on that
8:08 am
note. meet chesty, the marine. it's true. the pup was celebrated in washington on thursday. as he goes through training to become private first class chesty. he is in the running to replace chesty xiii. the 9-week-old is in baby training. and reports for duty march 29th. that's "pop news," everybody. there you go. >> i got it now. took me a while. hey, sam. >> i'm not paying attention. good morning, everybody. look at our times square crowd. tell me your names. >> hunter. >> and amanda. >> tell me the name of your hometown. it's upstate, new york, right? >> yep. >> and you're here until -- >> thursday. >> welcome in. we're glad you're here with us. let's get to the boards. turn that way, so we can see
8:09 am
your gorgeous faces. now, we can get to the live shot. new york city, by the way, is that a wabc shot? it certainly is. nothing else but. and we'll tell you there are showers moving into the northeast today. new york city, you're going to be a part of that. but it feels nice and mild right now. 50 in philly, this morning. boston, at 46 degrees. we love that town. pittsburgh, getting into the cooler temperatures as the front slides east. western snowmaker. this is a big low. it moves from northern to southern california, during the day today. it's going to kick off high mountain snow, and rain in the desert. we're going to have winter advisories around flagstaff, tucson.
8:10 am
>> your 15th birthday? whose birthday? >> both of ours. >> happy 15th birthday, by the way. let's go back inside to -- >> lara. >> thank you, sam. and here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." princess kate, the world's most famous mom-to-be, heading back to work. how she is dressing the royal baby bump. and the victoria's secret model revealing how she looks in a dramatic speech. and her surprising message right now. and one of the finalists on "the bachelor," opening up about all of the drama happening behind the scenes. that and more coming up on "good morning america," live in times square.
8:11 am
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8:15 am
our commitment has never been stronger. ♪ i'm on top of the world i'm on top of the world ♪ welcome back. >> hi, robin. welcome back. >> welcome back, robin. >> good for you. >> good to see you back. where was she? ♪ i'm on top of the world it's good for us, too. robin back here tomorrow, in times square. now, we turn to kate middleton. the first official public appearance of the year.
8:16 am
that means everyone's going to get a first look at her taste in maternitywear. >> i don't think that's called maternitywear. >> that's a wrap dress. >> well, getting close. >> yeah. >> okay. let's have abc's diana perez, our own diana, report on it. >> reporter: thank you. well, the moment has finally arrived. you know, the copy kates of the world are getting a glimpse of how the duchess is dressing her baby bump. and her maternity fashions, if we can call it that, are going to set the trends for the moms to be. just as kate was the queen of the fashion world before becoming pregnant, too, she is reigning supreme while pregnant. her first public engagement of the year seemed to confirm that. >> i've been looking forward to seeing kate's baby bump for the first time. and what she wears is really going to be important because she is the ultimate fashion trend setter. and this has a chance to set the
8:17 am
pregnancy fashion trends. >> reporter: since announcing her pregnancy, kate's public appearances have been scarce, thanks to her acute morning sickness. when she has stepped out, she stepped out in style. in december, she won a stunning green evening gown, designed by sara burton. the alexander mcqueen designer who made her wedding gown and said she would love to create kate's maternity wardrobe. and she donned this zahra cape, which has sold out worldwide. fashion watchers have wholeheartedly approved her choices. >> kate has a glam style that a lot of people feel they can imitate. she has a mix of high and low. and it's fairly accessible. and that's why people are so interested in seeing what she wears. >> reporter: kate may be taking fashion cues from the late princess diana, who donned
8:18 am
fashion-forward frocks in both of her pregnancies. a new fashion dedicated to one of her favorite designers is making headlines. the show reveals that diana thought a great deal about how she looked while pregnant. scrawling notes on fashion sketches, like yes, please. kate's baby is not due for five more months. that's good news for royal watchers, who just can't get enough of watching how she outfits the royal bump. and with the due date not until july, royal watchers will give their maternity fashion fix all the way through spring and well into the summer. and that exhibit we mentioned opens next summer at the fax and textile museum in london. >> and the lines will be around the block. thank you very much. now, let's get to the victoria's secret model, cameron russell, who has made headlines for a dramatic speech, we vealing show she really feels about her looks and speaking out against the modeling industry. she spoke to "gma" all about it.
8:19 am
take a look. she has the face of a cover girl. and the body of an angel. to many, supermodel cameron russell, is the ideal woman. but there is one person who is not particularly impressed. >> i am worried that i'm on a pedestal for looking this way. >> reporter: russell herself. >> i think part of the reason i'm a model is i won this genetic lottery. it's all about can you show up with a 23-inch waist? and it doesn't matter if you work hard. >> reporter: the 25-year-old ivy league graduate, sitting down with "gma," to explain her beef with the fashion industry. and what she calls this unhealthy obsession with beauty. something she made clear during a controversial speech at the technology entertainment design conference in washington, d.c., late last year. >> image is powerful. but also, image is superficial. video of that impassioned speech has been viewed more than 1 million times online. and russell says, she hopes her younger fans are listening.
8:20 am
>> a lot of young girls come up and tell me they want to be models. it's not like a real career path. and it's not a great aspiration. you should be thinking, i want to be an engineer. i want to be a politician. i want to be a ceo. >> reporter: but not all agree that supermodels can't be role models, as well take cynthia bailey. >> it's individual. myself certapersonally, i knew wanted to empower young girls and just pay it forward with the younger generation coming up. >> reporter: as for russell, she says she's grateful for all the opportunities modeling has afforded her. but she insists, she would rather be a model citizen, instead. >> i'm interested in campaign finance reform and climate change. >> got to say, pretty impressive. we're joined by author and
8:21 am
sexologist, dr. logan. she says this is a narrow look at women. why is this controversial? >> i'm madly in love with cameron russell. in this day and age, when you have privilege, you should use it to pay it forward and do good. that's what she's doing. she's calling out something that's unpopular to say, that she won a genetic lottery. and she did. but she's owning up to it and saying, don't be like me. >> not everyone can long like that. we can all try to look as good as we can. she was born with that look. not everyone can duplicate it. >> does this hurt her modeling career? >> i don't think it will. maybe what she should -- modeling careers is short to begin with. maybe she empowers girls with another way. maybe she's at an opportunity to do campaigns that are more diverse. i think she has a long career ahead of her not only in
8:22 am
modeling. >> and ivy league, she has the brains to go along with the beauty. what does this say to young girls today? what do you hope it says? >> i hope it says that beauty is not measured by what's outside. it's the things that make us different that are special and beautiful. and girls can love princesses and models. but in our home, princesses have careers. and brains and bodies are important for what they can do and be. not because of what they look like. >> if she follows through, it sends a fantastic message. >> what's on the inside makes her more beautiful. >> right. >> she's the whole package. >> you can't stop a little girl from wanting to be a princess. they just kind of come out that way. but you can take them to the next step of maybe wanting to be a president, like a princess. you know what i mean? a bio engineer. exactly. >> going to school. and she's a big inspiration for that. >> love it. >> thank you so much, logan levkoff. >> thank you. it is a big night for "bachelor" fans. the wait for tonight's special, "the bachelor" sean tells all,
8:23 am
is almost over. catherine went home with a rose last night. now, she's dishing on all the behind-the-scenes drama to abc's abbie boudreau. take a look. >> reporter: he has the all-american good looks and charm. but if there's one thing ladies love about sean, it's this -- >> he is family-oriented. that's what i loved about him. >> reporter: when the bachelor visits the hometowns of the last four ladies, sean is in for some unexpected family drama. from catherine's brutally honest sisters. >> i can't see her having kids right away. >> reporter: to a surprise visit. >> i love you more than anything. >> reporter: that may have been a prank. but this scene with desiree's brother, wasn't. >> i think you're just a playboy. >> reporter: we caught up with catherine, the fun-loving 26-year-old, and one of the last three ladies standing. for behind-the-scenes dish,
8:24 am
starting with her sisters. can you see yourself with him and a family? >> i didn't know what to expect from them because they're really protective. i felt like i was defending my relationship. >> reporter: something desiree also found herself doing when her brother went on the attack. >> i think he's just a playboy. you're having fun with the circumstances. you know? >> reporter: and cost her the rose. >> when you're up against a lot of stress, i can understand where her brother was coming from. but sometimes people take it too far. >> reporter: but the biggest "bachelor" bombshell of the season may be this. "us weekly" reporting the 29-year-old is a born-again virgin. >> when i saw that, i felt for him. i don't know the situation. i can't imagine what he's going through. >> reporter: so, what about those fantasy suites? take a look at a "gma" exclusive sneak peek to next week's thailand getaway. >> i thought a lot about the fantasy suite. i would expect it to be very intimate. and it's scary. >> i'm so excited to give the
8:25 am
fantasy suite card to catherine. i'm ready to spend time alone with her. >> sean and catherine, should you choose to forgo your individual rooms, please use this key to stay as a couple in the fantasy suite. >> reporter: but is there love in the thai air? >> i would not be surprised if i fell in love in thailand, with sean. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> all right, everybody. be sure to tune in to "the bachelor." sean tells all at 9:00, 8:00 central. you can see the next episode of "the bachelor" on monday, 8:00, 7:00 central. coming up, lady antebellum here with a big announcement. and the secrets to making your family a lot happier. and speaking of making our family a lot happier, robin back in one day. superstars in the country music capital of america. >> welcome back, robin. >> welcome back, robin.
8:26 am
from all of us here. ♪ i'm on top of the world
8:27 am
here are the top stories, a law is debated in the house of delegates that would impact every dog owner. the law singles out pill bulls as inherently dangerous. this bill would declare all dogs as such. if somebody is bitten they could sue the owner. the owner could defend themselves in court. time for a check on the weather. here is lynette charles. the storm is getting closer to us, looks like in the form of rain, looks like the moisture is outrun the colder air, through time, have the rain gear. we could see the wet weather coming down as close as frederick now, this will continue the progression through the rest of the morning. we can see outside ellicott city, we started out with
8:28 am
sunshine, those clouds are taking over as we go through the rest of today we will see rain across the area and the winds will pick up as well. we have south at 13 miles an hour, temperature 37. graphics can show you the planner for the rest of the day high temperature at 49 degrees. we are following a serious crash in arundel, glen burnie at route 10. more problems on 695, crash at the inner loop.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ you are golden precious as a prayer flying up in the air ♪ ♪ while the rain is falling golden ♪ ♪ it's the kiss i don't want to miss ♪ ♪ another perfect moment to tell you ♪ ♪ how you make me feel today ♪ ♪ my heart was stolen because you are golden ♪ lady antebellum singing golden. the first time anyone has heard
8:31 am
the title track. and just for robin. one day until she's coming back. still ahead here, legendary music mogul, clive davis is with us. as you know, he has discovered some of the biggest stars in the industry. he has made their careers. and this morning, he is here to talk all about his history and his latest projects. and we have to say his new book is fantastic. >> that's a whole lot of power in the house right there. how about this? beautiful michelle williams is there to tell us about her brand-new movie, "oz: the great and powerful." and we have a look at mariah carey's new song just out for the movie. we're going to hear all about it. there's michelle now. where's josh? >> yes. lady antebellum here. we just heard a bit of "golden," from their upcoming album of the same name. it's climbing the charts right now. welcome back, guys. the album, it's a disappearing
8:32 am
art in the music industry of itunes and singles. but the album, how did you want it to be different from your others? >> well, you know, our last couple records were pretty serious in the subject matter. we made a conscious effort to make a roll down your windows type of record. and we just got off our first arena and amphitheater tour. so, we need some amps. big, fun songs. our first single, "downtown" is a change for the fans. >> i want to ask you about "downtown." and "people" magazine calls it, and i quote, a slinky, sexy fun, crazy catchy soulful preview of the album. does that sound right to you? >> it's a fun song. and to ek toe what charles is saying. there's a feel to this record. and perform. it's awesome. >> and yet, we just heard "golden." it does maybe dial back and
8:33 am
certainly applies and has special resonance for here today and tomorrow, when robin returns. why "golden"? >> "golden" was the last song we wrote for this record. and it reminds us when we had that first song. a golden moment in time. we wanted to capture that in song. it fits for us. this is a special time in all of our lives. hillary has a baby on the way. >> oh, congratulations. terrific. we have a young one coming back to us. she's only about six months old. robin, that was for you. and you're back with us may 7th. can't wait for it. guys, again. that's the day the album drops. lady a., everybody. thank you. >> unbelievable. they can just walk in, pull up a chair, sing like that. that's just unbelievable to be around you guys. thank you so much. we are, by the bay, ladies and gentlemen, counting down to oscar sunday with our "gma" actors studio. george get the interviews with
8:34 am
the stars no one else can get. why? because we make them up. >> oh, wow. who's that tiger? >> there's the tiger in "the life of pi." a fabulous interview, by the way. >> he was a snarky tiger. >> he's got a little attitude, maybe, possibly. but can't wait until you see this. lara, who is this? the wise-cracking teddy bear who was mark wahlberg's sidekick in the movie "ted." >> why would you ask me? >> i don't know. take a look. ♪ people let me tell you about my best friend ♪ ♪ he's a warm-hearted person who loves me to the end ♪ ♪ let me tell you about my best friend ♪ >> it's a tricky role. what convinced you to take it? >> i'm a bear. they were looking for a bear with a foul mouth. and i thought [ bleep ]. why wouldn't i want the role? i'm the guy. >> had to be a lot of challenges to shoot. >> you know, really [ bleep ].
8:35 am
why would it be challenging? [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. why would you ask that? >> i know this may not be comfortable. but i heard reports you were pretty difficult on-set. >> are we going to go there? are we really going to go there? did they not tell him? it was kraft services. it was there for all of us. i'm hungry. i'm a bear. if i needed extra food, i needed extra food. >> how did you get into character? >> how did i get into character? i'm a bear, george. it wasn't really a stretch. who is this guy? you know what? i've had it. [ bleep ]. >> wow. >> the moment of the year. >> top interview. >> i love to see the surlily, angry bear. but there was a tuft of blonde hair. >> it can never be proven. >> i can neither confirm nor deny who ted really is.
8:36 am
>> might be. be sure to tune into the oscars this sunday. it's this sunday, already, at 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific, on the abc. and get ready tonight by going to to find out about the films and the stars who have been nominated. and we'll just spin that little oscar preview. >> the reason we were celebrating "ted," we got the bear, best original song nominated for an oscar. and seth macfarlane is also doing the big broadcast. >> what's up tomorrow? is it -- >> i think there's more. >> honestly, i don't know. >> i think the actors studio continues. >> tomorrow, gang. just give me a yes. on thursday. robin's day. thursday. >> a transformation. >> somebody is transformed into the "gma" actors studio. let's check the boards. he's tall and even taller once he's transformed. let's show you what it's like outside. you guys in deltona, florida,
8:37 am
are showing us what it looks like this morning. a little trinity lake in california, as well. that is gorgeous. that makes me like a snow-capped mountain right there. and today, there's a lot of rain and even elevation snow. we'll drop the snow level to 2,000 feet in some cases in the sierra. san francisco, l.a., san diego. towards phoenix, vegas, you're getting some moisture, as well. it's been a drought in the desert. nice and mild. houston at 69 today. new orleans at 65. that's all goo >> not to worry for oscars. high 60s, near 70.
8:38 am
>> somehow we'll manage. >> somehow we'll manage that in california. that weather was brought to you by bp. we have smart advice for parents. it comes from silicon fally, the u.s. military. that's where bruce feiler researched "the secrets for a happy family." and juju chang discovers the secrets to help your family's chaos. >> reporter: is it possible for a star of bravo's "real housewives of beverly hills," to create a happy family? how real could your family life be when you're a reality show star? >> i mean, very real. i know how real it is. i'm a mom. i'm a wife. that's what i do number one. >> reporter: kyle richards is clearly in tune with her four daughters. farah, alex ya, sofia. >> she's a crazy driver. >> reporter: and porsche.
8:39 am
she and husband maricio, say they work hard to finding a family bliss. >> having four kids, it's not easy to have all four at the same time. we have to fight for that all the time. >> reporter: it's the hard-fought moments stitched together that create the tapestry of a family. >> how much of the family life is created by routine. brush your teeth, do your homework, go to school. if you can break that routine and there are these things that bring everybody together. >> reporter: bruce feiler spent years looking at happy families. allowance advice? he asked warren buffett. team-building, the green berets. cancel date night. ditch the sex talk. and let the kids pick thur own punishment. >> you need to take small steps. >> reporter: turns out, they live a lot of those secrets instinctively. forget family dinner.
8:40 am
it's often a late-night snack. >> dinner doesn't matter. we get to learn a little bit about something every day. >> it keeps the communication open. >> reporter: all successful groups have a mission statement. >> the glue that holds the family together. >> reporter: why not families? >> my mom always says, my sisters and each of your accomplishments, and all of our caps. >> reporter: and family traditions breed happiness. the umanskys share a family bed. >> we do our own thing. it's embarrassing. but now, mike says, that's what works for us. we have plenty of alone time, or we wouldn't have all these kids. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, beverly hills. >> "the secret of happy families" goes on sale today. when we come back, michelle williams is here for the
8:41 am
brand-new film, the prequel to "oz." a can of del monte green beans? ♪ ♪ ♪ grown in america.
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picked and packed at the peak of ripeness. the same essential nutrients as fresh. del monte. bursting with life.
8:43 am
hey, "good morning america." i'm backstage at my video shoot for "almost home," from the new film, disney's "oz: the great and powerful."
8:44 am
♪ when you run so far >> reporter: you're looking at a world exclusive sneak peek of mariah carey's music video for almost home," for "oz: the great and powerful." the song is available on itunes tomorrow. speaking of "oz," so great to have one of its stars here in times square. michelle williams plays glenda the good witch. we're happy to have michelle williams here. michelle, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> you have spoken so warmly of your role. saying you were so happy that your 7-year-old daughter, matilda, can see the movie you're in. this is a bit of a different role for you, playing a good witch, a princess. what made you decide to take it? >> when i first read the script, i really responded to the fact that it had a good heart at its center. and that its sense of humor wasn't sarcastic or mean. i thought it was something that my daughter could see. her friends would enjoy.
8:45 am
>> and matilda was behind the scenes with you in the making of the movie. what was it like for her to watch the magic of moviemaking. >> our director, sam reammy, made sure it was a good experience for her. >> it's not magical. >> it's not really magical behind the scenes. he had a chair for her next to him on-set, with her little name. and all of the departments were accommodating and letting her experience it. >> that's great. were you inspired by glenda the good witch? i know "wizard of oz" is a staple in my house. when you're playing an iconic role, you look to the greats who originally did it? >> i took a lot of inspiration from that early performance. i know were weren't supposed to imitate it or reference it. but i took a lot of inspiration from it. >> just as in the original, glenda travels in a bubble. we have a clip of the movie. you're escorting the man everyone thinks is the great
8:46 am
wizard of oz. let's take a look. >> is that a wall? >> of sorts. it repels our enemies. it protects us from harm. >> but we're headed straight for it. >> yes, we are. >> and going very fast. how do you -- does this thing have any brakes? i'm going too fast. i'm going to die. >> you needn't worry, wizard. it's a magic wall. and all good hearted will be able to pass through. >> i'm going to die. watch out. >> james franco there. you were actually flying how high up in the air? >> well, actually flying. with some help from the stage. >> yeah. >> what was it like? we see you being hoisted up. >> the flying was my favorite part of the job, by far.
8:47 am
>> and what about the wand? did you get to keep the wand? everyone wants to know. you had several wands. >> i had a few wands. i had a rubber wand. a light-up wand. a stunt wand. and a beautifully-carved wand. >> and now, matilda has a set at home? >> she was given a wand. >> we cannot wait to see the movie. thanks so much for stopping by. "oz: the great and powerful" opens march 8th. we have music mogul, clive
8:48 am
8:49 am
back, now, with one of music's biggest moguls for half a century. clive davis has discovered, and revived some of the biggest names in music. bruce springsteen, whitney houston, to alecicia keys. he is celebrating his story in his new book, "the soundtrack of
8:50 am
my life." it is out today. i have not been able to put this down because you have the greatest stories in the biz. >> well, thank you. that's what paying attention is. >> they call you the man with the golden ear. i was surprised to learn that you can't have a golden ear to start. you were an attorney. and everything changed at the monterey -- >> the monterey festival. >> with a little discovery that you made. >> i didn't know what to expect. and this new band took the stage. and there was this strutting, electrifying, white soul sister, janis joplin, performing for the people at the holding company. that came to me. i had to make my creative move. so, i signed the group. and then, blood, sweet & tears, and santana. i learned to trust my ears as their music really went out there. >> you have a saying. you're very blunt.
8:51 am
you've either got it or you don't got it. and one person who definitely had it and still does, is bruce springsteen. you're really candid about, it wasn't an overnight sensation. >> it was not an overnight sensation. but his lyrics, his symbolism, was so unique. i went on closed-circuit television to read it to our columbia salesmen so they would not call him another bob dylan. that was the kiss of death. he had his own views, his own images. and he, as dylan, came a part of america. >> and i love you had to say to bruce, i need a little more energy on stage. it's hard to imagine the boss -- >> he would play he's folk clubs. and i took him to a theater as large as radio city music hall. and the first time he got on that stage, he was still standing still in front of the mic. i pointed out to him, the virtue of going from side-to-side. >> he listened well. >> he listened well. >> let's talk about whitney
8:52 am
houston. we see here -- we have a clip of you introducing her to the world on "merv griffin." and you have said that it was very difficult. you wrote a very long, in depth chapter on her. >> well, certainly, her success was radiant. it was awesome. it was world-shattering. i used to say, are you pinching yourself because you broke every record in the book. her premature death was a major tragedy, is a major tragedy. everybody in the business, artists, writers, producers, knew that of the contemporary artists, she has no peers. she was the best. >> going to mention names. first word you think of? simon and garfunkel. >> american beatles. the songs that simon wrote. and really, it was a period and
8:53 am
for all-time. they were equivalent to the american beatles. >> clive davis, the stories about the grateful dead, alicia keys, aretha franklin. check out "the soundtrack of my life." and you're the cover guy on "billboard." we congratulate you. and you can see more clive davis in an ongoing music partnership with yahoo! and edward jones. we have a sneak peek. >> i believe in the future of music. i would take it seriously. i believe in hard work. i believe in educating yourself and not just saying you're going to be someone. if i've gotten to where i've gotten, it's based on hard work. it's based on neve taking anything for granted. it's based upon, you know, learning as much as i could. eggs, bacon, and pancakes.
8:54 am
denny's everyday value slam is four dollars every day. wait, is that right? eggs, bacon, pancakes. yeah. that's right. the four dollar everyday value slam. only four dollars every day. only at denny's.
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8:57 am
need more quickly. the senator will be in baltimore with plans to talk about how to improve the back laws at the da office. in annapolis, they will talk about the opposition to raising the gas tax today. members of the house republican caucus are hold a press conference at 9:30. time for a check on your weather. here is lynette charles. still monitoring maryland's most powerful radar. we are not dealing with a mix. temperatures getting too warm. heading out the door, grab the rain gear, we can see the rain coming down around tawny town. this is the moderate rain coming down and this is sliding towards the east. let's switch over to graphics. towson, look at the clouds coming in across the area. that's our concern all morning long. we will have the rain as well, falling as rain.
8:58 am
temperatures above freezing. 41 degrees arbutus. good morning, the rain is leading to a hectic commute. a cease crash in arundel, glenn bernie at route 10. problems in baltimore, a crash, at green spring, another on eastern avenue, this is right between rolling mill and the beltway. here is a live look, parkville, improvement at harford road. 83 clear up in hunt valley. a loo at shawan road. [ male announcer ] so there's lots of people out there who aren't happy with their internet. [ spokesman ] are you lindsay? yes... did you say, "my internet's so slow it's like a car with no gas"? yes... [ male announcer ] well lindsay, you're about to get verizon fios quantum, america's fastest, most reliable internet. so that's what you used to have... okay.
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